Secret to score high in jamb

  OK guys as your examinations are fast approaching, I just decided to put down some hints and techniques that will help you in your forthcoming Examination. Remember all I am going to share with you guys here are based on experience. I noticed it during my days of writing  JAMB. Believe it or not you can't answer all the questions in the examination hall.
When such a situation presents itself, what you will do is to come up with a techniques that will help you scale through.
Instead of losing marks in the exam hall, you can adopt this techniques to get questions you have no idea about correctly. Now, you may be wondering, is it really possible for me to answer Jamb 2017 questions correctly when I am not sure about the answers? I will boldly answer yes. This is the secret I am about to share in this article. Before I begin, below are some awesome tips for Success in Jamb 2017 Computer based examination: When you stuck in a particular question, do not waste more time on it. Proceed to other questions. In the hall, pick out and attempt the simple questions first before proceeding to the more difficult ones. This will help you save time. Do not start with Jamb use of English, it will suck your time. Be very careful when two options seem alike. This is to test whether you really know what you are doing. For science students, always look at the S.I Unit before choosing an answer. For comprehension passages, read the questions first, then proceed to pick the answers in the passages. For Interpretations under Jamb use of English, the answers that sound like the question are always wrong. For government and history, if the years in the option are the same, check the Day and Month given. When you have 20 minutes remaining, stop solving and use the Jamb cheats and expo I am about to share to predict the difficult questions you left behind. Do not leave any question blank. Shade everything randomly. Ask your friend if you can.



Put down the hot answer in your mind.
Check the answer that is more reasonable.
Check the pattern in which your correct answers follow.
Ask A friend if you can.
Let me explain the above points one after the other.

1. Put Down The Hot Answers In Your Mind:

Some times in Jamb exam hall, a strong answer enters your mind when you see a tough question.

Something just tells you, the answer is “A’.

Such convictions most times act as a strong signal that the answer is actually option A. At this point, you may want to follow you mind.

2. Check The Option More Reasonable:

When you see some Jamb questions, you just know that “Option B” cannot be the answer to a particle question.

Although you are not sure of the correct answer, you definitely know the wrong ones. This could be as a result of the fact that some of the options don’t just follow.

This method is called elimination method. It enables you remove the irrelevant answers and as well reduce your guess.

Consider a typical Jamb 2017 question below:

Q. HERO John was born in 1951. He died some years back. How old was He when he died?

A. 260 years. B. 780 Years. C. 15 years D. 40 Years.

Using common sense and elimination method, what would be your answer?

The following answer was provided by Pearl in my Jamb WhatsApp group, “Looking at it, someone cannot live up to A and B in this age. Also, to be a Hero, he must have achieved a lot and 15 years is too small to achieve a lot”. Therefore, the correct option is D.

Now you understand how to use elimination method, right? Let’s continue…..

3. Check The Pattern That Your Answers Follow:

Most times, Jamb CBT answers follow particular pattern. This can be seen when you check the questions you have already answered correctly.

For example, if you are able to attempt 7 out of  10 questions and answers are as follows:

(i) A.  (ii) B. (iii)…  (iv) D. (v) A. (vi)….  (vii) C. (viii) D (ix) D.  (x) ….

If you were in this situation, what would be your answer to number 3, 6 and 10 following the pattern? Just think.

The answers are C, B and D respectively.

4. Ask A Friend If You Can:

As far as Jamb 2017 is concerned, only the violent can take it by force.

If you have the opportunity and you really want to, then you can ask someone close to you. After all, they are answering the same question and subjects as you. But I strongly do not support or advice MALPRACTICE.

You may want your friends to see this post in social media, save a life today.  Don’t hesistate to share with them.