How To Qualify For Mtn 1GB Free Data Plan__100% working now check it out

Do you know that you can Get up to 1gb of Data from Mtn? OK today I am going to show you Those tricks,
Some people finds it very difficult to subscribe for this great opportunity but I am going to show you how you can easily get this done.


 first thing  You supposed to do is to send "MyApp" to 131
Then wait for the response, After then if you were successful then enjoy yourself
But if it fails try and  migrate to mtn Pulse tariff plan by dialing *406*1# and follow the prompt.
I personally did this for someone else and it worked magically, so what else are you waiting for!.
 If it happens that the above tricks on how to get mtn 100mb works, then follow this process and accumulate up to 1gb of data.

After Sending MyApp to 131, resend "Stop MyApp" and continue the steps, Keep on resending MyApp and Stop MyApp to 131 until you get to the highest limit which is 1Gb. This was how I got 1gb of data from mtn just now, please you are required to do this fast as they might change it any moment from now.  I will publish a new post later on how this can be applied in Airtel free data plan, etisalat free data plan and Go free data plan. Don't be left out as I am going to crack it all up.

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